Fishtail Braid Nails

fishtail braid nail tutorial

Happy Fourth everyone! Today’s nail art tutorial is creating a fishtail or braid nails. It may look difficult but its pretty simple and all you need to do is use diagonal stripes when painting. I also did a Fishtail Hair Braid Tutorial here.

fishtail braid nails

Nail Polishes: Clear base coat- Finger Paints Base Coat, the base color is Essie Lapis of Luxury, Pink- Revlon Cupid, Metallic Silver- China Glaze Platinum Silver, and Finger Paints Top Coat to seal and protect.

Here are the steps to creating this fishtail braid nail art tutorial, basically making an “X”. I did this all freehand, I taped the sides of my finger to avoid cleanup. Check out my Fish Tail Braid Nails YouTube tutorial HERE.

diy fishtail braid nail steps

Here is what I did to create fishtail nail tips, again all freehand:

fishtail nail tips

My finished mani, I love it so much!

fishtail braid nail tutorial

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