Fall Leaves Nail Design

fall nails

Fall is creeping up and I can feel the weather changing from the blazing heat to the nice cool breeze. I’m excited for the weather and clothes. I love layers and cozy clothes. Here is my nail tutorial on how I created fall leaves and my first time experimenting with acrylic paint.

fall nails

1. First I painted the base colors with a sponge technique, tutorial here. 2. Next with black acrylic paint, paint a half circle. 3. Add oval shapes around the half circle. 4. Add a line from the tip. 5. Add two leaves on each side of the line. 6. Add two more leaves. 7. I added some dots. 8. With a white nail polish striper, I added highlights to the leaves.

diy leaves nail

Another view of these Fall Nails:

diy fall nails

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