Dry Water Marbling Nails

dry water marbling nails

In this experiment I tried a dry water marbling. I have done a Water Marbling tutorial here, and a Ziplock Nail Design tutorial here. I combined these two ideas to create this nail art design.

dry water marbling nails

This is so much easier than my attempt at water marbling. Here is my tutorial to create a dry water marbling look. 1. Paint the base color, I used L’Oreal Thrill, on the Ziplock bag. 2. Next paint four colors on top of the base color, I used Thrill, Orly-Glitz, Sinful Colors- Innocent, and LA Colors-White. Be sure to apply the polished thick, this is the key to make the colors blend. 3. Using a tooth pick I drew four lines going up-down. 4. Next I drew four more lines in between the lines going down-up, be sure to go in a different direction in between to create a water marble design. 5. Let dry for about one hour, I waited till the next day. *Carefully peel the design off with tweezers, step not shown.* 6. Cut the design with scissors into the shape of your finger nail. 7. Apply top coat on your finger nail and rub the design on your finger to stick. 8. Cut the design down and lightly file, not shown. Top coat to seal your nails.

diy dry water marbling

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