Dry Marbling Three Designs

Today’s look I created a new series for my youtube channel, One Techniques Three Designs. I use one technique and change it up to create three different nail art designs. For these tutorials I used different colors of nail polish and a Cuticle Stick.

Three Ways Dry Marbling


I’m excited to introduce the very first of this series: One Technique Three Designs: Dry Marbling, check out the tutorial below:


The first look is a two color Dry Marbling with Cult Cosmetics polishes Joshua Tree and Avalon:

Easy Dry Marbling


The second look is a Spiral Marbling with Salon Perfect polishes Sugar Cube and First Date:

Spiral Marbling


The third look is a Waterless Marbling with Essie polishes First Timer, Off the Shoulder, and In The Cab-ana:

Waterless Marbling

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