Dream Catcher Rainbow Nails

diy rainbow dreamcatcher nails

I have been seeing dream catcher nails everywhere and finally decided to try this beautiful design. I also did a rainbow sponge nail design to create this very peace loving design. Check out my tutorials below!

diy rainbow dreamcatcher nails

Dream catcher Tutorial:

Steps 1- 5 I show how I drew the dream catcher. Step 6. Look at my Rainbow Sponge Tutorial below. 7. Using a lip liner and acetate I carefully cleaned up areas on the black polish that got the nail polish from makeup sponge. 8. Sealed with a glitter top coat.

diy dreamcatcher nails

Rainbow Sponge Tutorial:  Check out my other sponge tutorial, Gradient Ombre Nails.

1. Paint your nails with two coats of white nail polish, I used China Glaze White on White, make sure it completely dries. Using the nail polishes add a generous amount of each color in a flower design. I used Sinful Colors- Hazard, Sinful Colors- Hazard, Purple- No Brand, Tip Top- Sexy Bikini, Tip Top- Beach Babe. 2. After putting all five polishes on the makeup sponge, squeeze the sides of the sponge so the nail polish soaks into the sponge. Starting for on side of the nail began to Roll it to the other side of the nail. 3.  Repeat step two, apply more nail polish to the sponge and roll onto the nail. I did this three times to build the color. 4. Clean up any mess with a lip liner brush and acetone, clean up tutorial here. 8. Seal with a glitter top coat, I used NYX- Dreamy Glitter, which has the prettiest little stars.

rainbow sponge nails

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