DIY Tulle Flower

tulle flower crown diy

I love making flowers and today I experimented with some tulle to create a flower ring, brooch, and flower crown.

tulle flower ring broochThe supplies needed: Tulle Spool White, Print 3 inch circle template, Rhinestones 7mm, Pearl Beads 4mm, Hot Glue Gun, Glue Sticks, Brooch Pin Back, Ring Base, and Metal Clip.

To start use the 3 inch circle template to trace the circle on the White tulle. Fold in an accordion fold and cut the circle out. You will need 5 tulle circles to make one flower.

diy tulle flower stepsNext fold the tulle circle in half. Then in half again. Before gluing, remember to protect your work space. Add a dab of hot glue to the tip. Be careful when gluing because it is very hot! Glue it to a circle tulle base.

diy tulle flower 2Repeat folding the tulle and gluing the next three tulle petals. Lastly embellish with Rhinestones 7mm and Pearl Beads 4mm.

diy tulle flower 3I also made a flower tulle crown, which is so perfect for summer.

tulle flower crown diy

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