DIY Stone Fire Pit

diy fire pit

In the back yard patio to create a warm and inviting area to hang out, a stone fire pit can create this ambiance. Now all I need is to get supplies to make smores and brush up on my storytelling skills.

diy fire pitTo get started mix the concrete in a 5 gallon bucket with water (Read the instructions on the concrete bag to get the proper consistency). Be sure you are in a well ventilated area, preferably outside, and do not to breath in the dust because it can be harmful. Don’t forget to clean the tools after use so the concert doesn’t dry on the tool. ***After starting a fire the concrete began to crack so Refractory Cement, which is used to repair firebricks, was used on top. I suggest you use this first and not the concrete mix.***

mixing concreteNext to plan out how you want to build the stone fire pit, we did a mock up. We laid down two concrete step stones as the base and the natural stones around as walls.

stone fire pitNext wet the area you will be adding the stone to. We directly added it to the patio floor and also wet the stone. Apply concert to the floor and stone piece and attach.

diy stone fire pitRepeat adding the concrete and stone and start building. Make sure to add concrete in the joints and smooth out. Let dry for about an hour and when finished spray water on the stones carefully to clean off any concrete that got on the stones, be sure not to spray in the joints where the concrete is. The next project is adding flagstone to the patio floor around the new fire pit. Happy Home Remodeling!

diy stone fire pit 2

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