DIY Sticky Note Holder

DIY Sticky Note Holder

I am always losing my sticky notes in my desk drawers and constantly having to buy them. Here is a storage solution and decoration tip to keep your sticky notes well organized and beautifully decorated on your desk. I’ve created to give as a gifts to the principle, secretary, teachers, house warming presents, and basically anyone who takes notes.

DIY Sticky Note HolderSupplies: Scrapbook paperAcrylic 5×7 Frame2″ Grey Ribbon5/8″ Ribbon, Button Letter, and Post-it Note. Other supplies I already had: ScissorsHot Glue Gun, and Extra Glue Sticks.

I traced the picture that comes with the frame on two different scrapbook papers, which I used two different papers for the front and back. Heat seal the ribbon edges with a lighter so it doesn’t fray. Add a line of glue to the back of the frame and glue the ribbon. Pull the ribbon tightly and wrap around the frame and glue. I added a second ribbon, which is optional. Then on the front I glued down the ribbon I made and a paint pallet I purchased. To glue to sticky note, add a line of glue across on the back and your done!

Check out my updated YouTube tutorial below:

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