DIY Simple Dainty Ring Bracelet

diy simple ring bracelet

Today’s tutorial is how to create this simple dainty jewelry. I am obsessed with jewelry right now and wanted to create a easy tutorial on a ring and matching bracelet. diy simple ring braceletSupplies needed: Small Metal Star Bead, Black Cord, Crimp Beads, Scissors, and Jewelry Pliers.

To make the ring cut the black cord about 3 inches. Slide the star bead and crimp bead on the cord. Next slide one end of the cord to crate a loop or circle. Using the jewelry pliers crimp down on the crimp bead. Cut off the extra cord and your done. You can make multiples and have stacked rings or one simple single ring.

diy simple dainty ringTo make the bracelet measure the largest part of your hand and cut about two inches extra. Slide a crimp bead, star bead, then crimp bead in this order on the black cord. Using the jewelry pliers crimp down on the crimp beads on each side of the star bead so that the start bead doesn’t move around. Lastly slide a crimp bead and thread both ends to create a loop or circle and crimp down.

diy simple dainty bracelet Cut off any extra cord and you’re done with your arm swag and simple ring!

diy simple dainty jewelry

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