DIY Racerback Tank Top

diy racerback tank top

Here is a tutorial to make an old t-shirt into a tank top for the upcoming summer. This is very easy to make just be sure to have good fabric scissors (I have Singer Fabric Scissors), t-shirt, and ribbon.

diy racerback tank topFirst lay the t-shrit flat and cut the neck, and sleeves. Be sure to cut smaller pieces because you can always cut off more later. Fold the t-shrit in half and cut more off the sleeves for the arm and neck if needed. Try on and see if the shirt needs more trimming. Cut the bottom of shirt.

diy tank top step 1Next stretch everything: the sleeves, the neck, and the bottom to to curl the fabric ends. With one of the loose fabrics stretch and wrap around the back to create the racer back (I later took this off and replaced it with a zebra print ribbon). Viola you’re done! Simple, easy, and a great way to recycle an old t-shirt.

diy tank top step 2

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