DIY Pyramid Studded Fabric Leopard Shorts

diy pyramid stud leopard jeans

Here is my tutorial on how to create a Pyramid Studded Leopard Shorts. To get started I went to Goodwill to pick up some high waist jeans shorts for only $4 and the leopard fabric was an old shirt I had laying pyramid stud leopard jeansSupplies needed: Pyramid Spots Studs, Jersey Stretch Leopard Fabric, Bone Folder (or a metal blunt knife), Singer Fabric Scissors, Sharpie Marker, Pearl Push Pins, Needle, Thread, and Jeans.

First measure and cut the jeans. Click on my other tutorial on DIY Distressed Ombre Studded Shorts to learn detailed instructions on how I measured and cut my jeans and also create a distressed look.

diy measure cut jeansToo add the pyramid studs it is fairly easy. On the back their are two “teeth” that you have to push through the jeans hard. Then with a Bone Folder (or a metal blunt knife), fold the two ends down to clamp. I added the studs on one side of the pocket.

diy pyramid stud jeanTo add the fabric lay it out and draw the outline over the jeans, I only did half the jeans. I reused a jersey stretch leopard print shirt that was too big. Once the fabric is cut lay it on top to make sure it fits over the jeans. I had to trim some of the areas. Then using Pearl Push Pins, pin the fabric down. Thread the Needle and begin sewing, be careful and try not to poke your self! Once done throw them in the wash and you’re ready to rock in these super cute jeans!

leopard fabric diy jeans

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