DIY Paper Rose Flower Tutorial

rose flower bouquet

Creating your own flowers will last forever and simply beautiful. These simple rose paper flowers can be used for a bouquet at: Wedding, Birthday, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s, any occasion party decoration, or wreath for your door. I also did a tutorial on a paper fringe flower here.

rose flower bouquetSupplies needed: Scissors, Elmer’s Glue, Construction Paper (I used a heavy weight, fade resistant paper)

Here are my instructions on how to make a paper rose flower. Cut the construction paper in 4X4 inch squares. I cut out the circle making the lines  imperfect and slightly wavy. I did the same with the spiral line cutting it wavy.

I rolled tightly from the ends into the center of the spiral. Once I got to the middle I added a bead of glue.

I pressed the top and bottom together using my index and thumb. I released the rose and pressed from the top on a flat surface. Let it sit until dries.

To I used a 6 inch circle Styrofoam ball and straight pins to create the bouquets.

rose paper flower bouquet

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