DIY iPad Envelope Clutch

envelope clutch

I got a new iPad from my school and I wanted to make an envelope clutch or case for it. The steps to make this clutch are very simple. I used faux leather upholstery fabric I purchased from Hobby Lobby.

envelope clutchThe supplies need: Singer Fabric Scissors, Aleen’s glue, Blinder Clips, Button stud, and Upholstery Fabric or Leather. First I used my iPad to measure the size I wanted to make my clutch. Fold the fabric to see the width and length I wanted my clutch.

diy ipad caseI cut the fabric to size in a rectangle shape. Then folded the fabric in half to draw a diagonal line for the triangle shape for the flap (completely opened it should look like a house).

ipad envelope clutchUse Aleen’s fabric glue to glue the sides and clipped the sides with binder clips, but you can sew the sides instead for more stability. Cut a small slit to insert the button stud and mark it so that you will know where to put the second bottom piece.

envelope clutch button studCut a slit into the fabric and inset the screw part of the button stud. Finally I finished by screwing in the button stud and let it dry for 24 hours. I had to make a second envelope iPad clutch because my dog Duke chewed the turquoise one 🙁 and that is why my example is black.

diy envelope clutch

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