DIY Glass Bead Necklace

diy glass bead necklace

Today’s tutorial is making a personalized glass bead necklace. This project was inspired by the second grade teacher’s necklaces their students made for their Mother’s Day gift (see bottom of page).

diy glass bead necklace

Supplies needed: Diamond Glaze, Glass Square Bead, Super Glue, Heart Bails, Satin Cord, Flat Paint Brush, Scissors, and option Small Organza Draw String Bags.

To start I used a black and white Mandala coloring sheet I printed off here, but you could use any kind of paper, scrapbook paper, photo copies, etc. Trace the Glass Square Bead on the mandala paper and cut out the square. Dip the Flat Paint Brush into the Diamond Glaze, you only need a small amount, and brush the flat side of the glass bead. Be sure to apply in the same direction to avoid any brush strokes.

cutting sqaure necklaceThen apply the cut out square face down and gently rub to glue in place and let dry. Apply the diamond glaze to the back of the paper to seal. When it is dry trim off any paper that doesn’t fit.

apply diamond glazeLast add the bail to the back with super glue and let dry. Apply to satin cord and you have your necklace!

glue heart bailThis is my inspiration I got from the second grade team. The teachers took pictures of their students in front of a pretty background, printed and cut the pictures out, and put in a Small Organza Draw String Bags. This was a gift they made for their Mother’s Day present. So cute!

mother day necklace

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