DIY Fringe Bikini Swimsuit

diy fringe swimsuit

Summer is here and to cool off in this hot summer heat is to take a dip in the swimming pool. The current trend are fringe swimming suit tops so I have made two types, one is a triangle top and the other is a bandeau top. The best part is I recycled everything so it was free to make!

diy fringe swimsuit

First I started off with a pair of workout pants that I didn’t use anymore and plain black triangle top. I measured the bikini top to the pants, marked it with a white color pencil, and cut off a rectangular piece. I made sure on one side I didn’t cut off the seam. Cut the strips vertically and then pull the strips to curl the ends. With the end with the seam I folded it over to have a clean edge and using a pearl pin pinned it to the triangle top. You can use a sewing machine but I used a needle and thread. Please be carefully when using any of the supplies.

diy fringe bikini

Next I created a bandeau top bikini. I had a black bandeau top and workout pants. I measured across with the pants, marked it, then cut it out. Next I folded the pants in half and drew a slightly diagonal line and cut it out, I did this because I wanted the fringe to have a curve.

fringe bikini tutorial

Next cut the fringe pieces by cutting strips vertically. Pull the strips to curl the fabric ends. Add pearl pins to keep in place and sew with either a sewing machine or needle and thread. I love how both of my fringe bikini tops turned out! I am ready to be styling in the summer heat.

fringe bikini swimsuit

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