DIY Button Bracelet

button bracelet

Buttons are one of my favorite accessories to use to create crafts. You can find many creative things to decorate, check out my Button Clothespins here. This project is so simple it would be perfect for kids. I chose to make my button bracelet in different shades of pinks, but you can choose any colors.

button bracelet

Here is my tutorial:

1. Supplies needed: Scissors, Leather Cord, and Buttons.

2. Cut about 30 inches of the leather cord and fold in half. Tie a knot with a loop on the folded end.

3. If the button has four holes put each end of the leather cord through to create an “X” pattern. If it only has two holes only use one end of the cord.

4. Tighten by pushing the button upwards.

5. Tie a knot to secure the button.

6. Add the next button, this button has two holes, and repeat steps 4-5.

7. Once you have added all the buttons, take the ends of the leather cord and tie into a knot to finish.

8. Cut the extra cord ends.

9. Viola your finished bracelet!

diy button bracelet

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