Crystal Katana Nails

The Crystal Katana from Crystal Ninja makes it simple and easy to pick up and set Swarovski Crystals, Rhinestones, and Nail Studs, which can be glued on with Nail Glue. The patent pending design is double sided, the wax tip picks up the crystals with ease and the chrome end firmly presses and secures the crystals in place. The Crystal Katana can be used on nails and also any crafty project thats needs some sparkle and shine!

Swarovski Nails


Check out the full review and tutorial below:

Blanc-Morena nail polish I AM Love is a gorgeous bright pink that’s perfect for the spring or summer season. Blanc-Morena nail polishes have positive names to keep you moving forward with words of encouragement:

Crystal Nails

I’m obsessed with my Crystal Katana, so quick and easy to use!

Crystal Katana Nails

Another look:

Diamond Nails

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