Cross Heart Nails

cross heart nails

Crosses are the current fashion trend. Who knew a religious symbol would be used in fashion for everyone to enjoy. I was thinking many years from now when this trend passes, someone will look at the post and wonder what I was talking about. I am loving my new Julep- Sienna nail polish gifted to me from a friend in Hawaii, Ahola! Gold and Black always make the perfect color combination. Check out my other Leopard Chevron nails here.

cross heart nails

Heart Nail Tutorial:

1. I used Seche Clear base coat

2. Scotch Tape cut into a “V” shape, tape onto nail.

3. Paint the tip with Black nail polish, below the “V” shaped tape.

4. Paint one side of the heart top, above the “V” shape tape.

5. Repeat to the other side and paint the heart top.

6. Peel off tape carefully and seal with a top coat, I used Seche Vite.

diy heart nails

DIY Cross Nail Tutorial: Using nail stripping tape and cuticle cutters.

diy cross nails

Fashion Nails:

fashion nails

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