Creating Text Images, Words, and Letters

heart from text

Here is a perfect lesson for students to incorporate technology, using positive words or phrases. Check out this site,0  to generate text, words, poems in a heart or spiral.

Directions: Enter your text, click Layout Text a pdf file is created (this can be printed or saved). The image below is not mine, this was created by our technology instructionalist and I wanted to share an example.

heart from textCheck out my examples here: festisite heart and festisite spiral

Another great lesson to integrate technology and a fun way to teach primary students to learn their alphabets and sounds. Check out this site

Directions: When the page opens, in the middle the you can see the letters, hear the sound the animal makes and hear the pronunciation.  Scroll below this and you’ll see the textbox where you type in the text (you’ll notice you can facebook it, tweet it, email a link or just print it.) You can also right click on the image and select Save As to save it. If you scroll down a little further to the bottom and there are other resources that might be good for different classroom activities or parents might want to know about them for primary students. This image is mine and so fun to create!

the crafty ninja abc

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