How to Color/ Dye Asian Hair

how to mix hair color

I wanted to freshen up my hair color for the spring time so I went to Sally Beauty Supply to purchase my products. Here is my tutorial on how I dyed my hair.

hair dye color asianSupplies needed: Color Mixing Bowl, Extra Wide Tint Brush, L’Oreal Excellence HiColor Ash Blonde, Salon Care 40 Cream Developer, Petroleum Jelly, Disposable Gloves, and Shower Cap.

Please note that I am not a professional hair colorist but I have had many experiences of trial and error with my own hair coloring. Here are tips I have learned about dyeing hair: When dyeing your hair to a darker color use Developer 10 or 20. When dying your hair to a lighter color use Developer 30 or 40. If you don’t want orange or reddish tint in your hair use an Ash color, which has greys to even out the tone. Using Petroleum Jelly around your hair line will prevent the color from dyeing your skin. If you have previously dyed your hair and trying to go lighter you should bleach your hair from the ends of your hair and leave the roots, or leave the virgin hair, let the bleach process then do the rest of your roots to get a more even color. After bleaching, dye your hair with the desired color. Be sure to use an after color care conditioner to protect your hair and restore because coloring may cause damage. Using a shower cap to process your hair color will create heat and moisture to get the hair color results you want.

Now the steps I took to create my hair color. Here are the supplies I used. I used Petroleum Jelly on my hair line, ears, and back of the neck. This will prevent any color from dyeing your skin.

petroleum jelly hair color


Next, unscrew the cap and turn it upside down to puncture the hair color tube. The hair color I used was two bottles of L’Oreal Excellence HiColor Ash Blonde, and Salon Care 40 Cream Developer, because my hair is dark I needed a 40 instead of a 30 for more lift. As I stated before I use Ash because this will prevent my hair from turning orange. In the Color Mixing Bowl, put the color and developer about same amount or equal parts and mix with the Extra Wide Tint Brush until it is a tooth paste like consistency.

how to mix hair color


First brush your hair to get out any tangles and wear protective gloves. Apply hair color with the Extra Wide Tint Brush starting from the top roots then hair line. This part is important because this is where people see your hair first. Use the point end of the tint brush to separate the hair into sections. I like to use the tint brush because it will evenly distribute the hair color instead of my hand.

how to dye hair

Once all my roots are covered with the color, I then start from the top of the hair and use the tint brush to color down to the tip of my hair. Make sure to rub in the color down the hair strand, like shampooing technique, to saturate the color into the hair. When finished applying the color wear a shower cap to process and rise.

hair color techniqueAfter care is very important to repair the damage you have done through dye and stripping your hair. I use Ion Color Defense as my after care conditioner and I apply Biosilk when my hair is dried. My hair feels less damaged and there is less breakage.

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