The Candy Stripe Friendship Bracelet

candy strip friendship bracelet

This Candy Strip Chevron Base bracelet is simple once you get the FOUR-ward knot down. Measure 50 inches of Cotton Embroidery Floss String, 4 strings of different colors.candy strip friendship braceletFold the 50 inches of string in half, to make it 25 inches and tie a single knot to create a loop.

diy hippie wrap step 1I didn’t have a Clip Board so I used a Particle Board and Binder Clips. To start spread out the colors, two strings of the same color together. Next create a FOUR-way knot with two strings of the same color, do this two times around each color. With the Pink sting tie a FOUR-ward knot two times around the Black, and two times around the Neon Yellow. Think of it as FOUR-ward knot because you make a 4 with the two strings and loop it under then pull up tight.

candy srtipe diy 2Now the Pink string should be last. The Black sting is first. Now with the Black string tie a FOUR-ward knot two times around each color: Blue, Neon Yellow, and Pink. Repeat this until each color is first, and until you are finished.

candy strip diy braceletFor a more detailed FOUR-ward knot and my other friendship bracelets tutorial check them out here.

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