Candy Cane Water Marble Nails

candy cane water marble

Christmas is almost here, okay maybe in about a month! I’m excited for the food and lovely gifts to give and receive. I wanted to practice more on my water marbling skills because I just recently learned that I could create these beautiful designs. With the help from Simple Little Pleasures tutorial here, I finally accomplished the Candy Cane water marble nails. These were a bit difficult to create, but with much persistence I finally got the design on all of my fingers. I also created my own YouTube tutorial below. Enjoy Loves!

Supplies needed: Filtered room temperature bottled water, Small BowlToothpicksQ-tips, Pure Acetone, and Scotch tape.

candy cane water marble

The nail polishes I used were Nicole OPI Keep It Real and China Glaze White on White. The gilttery top coat is Tip Top Rocky Road Glitter, which was great to cover up any flaws.

The supplies used are: A cup filled with filtered water from my Britta, and I let it set to room temperature. I also used a wooden skewer to create the design pattern. If you don’t want to ruin a cup,  cut a plastic bottle in half and used the base.


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