Berber Carpet Repair

Simple Berber Carpet repair

Dexter, baby my puppy, is currently teething so he chews on everything! As he was playing on the master bedroom floor I heard a rip and looked down to see that Dexter had pulled some of the loops out of the Berber carpet. I had new carpets installed around 8 months ago so I was not  happy to see that the brand new carpet had been ripped. I decided to look on YouTube to see if there were easy fixes to Berber carpet. After looking at several videos I decided to used my crafty ninja skills and repair my own carpet.

The tools needed are: hot glue gun, flat head screw driver, awl, cup with water, extension cord.

I used the extension cord to plug in the hot glue gun. I took the awl to puncture into the carpet. I squeezed the hot glue and worked in very small sections at a time. I dipped the flat head screw driver into the water so it wouldn’t stick to the glue and pressed the loose pieces down into the hot glue with the flat head screw driver to create a loop form. It was much easily than I expected it to be. I repeated dipping into the water and pressing the carpet into the hot glue until I completely glued down all the loose carpet. Now I have a small hard spot from the dried hot glue on the carpet, but the damage is hardly noticeable and totally cost free!

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