Art Classroom Management Posters

artist classroom poster rules

Here are my classroom management and discipline skills I have made and learned along my journey of teaching Art.

I love this acronym for the word ARTIST. These are the rules I go over on the first day of school. Hopefully making my poster colorful will make the rules more interesting and eye catching.

artist classroom poster rules

This is a school wide policy we use to prevent bullying and build respect for each other. There are also “R-time” lessons the teachers do in their classrooms to teach the students the correct ways to show good caring manners and respect. I also go over this rule on the first day of school.

r time rules poster

The “Ask Two Before Me” rule came from so many of my students asking me the questions that they should already know. So to prevent my name being called a million times a day I asked the students to ask two people at their table before asking the teacher. Hopefully this poster I made will be memorable enough for students to remember this rule and be more responsible in finding their own answers to their questions.

discipline poster

I give job managers to all students in the classroom to help with classroom management. Their are four students to a table and each student has a different color job. The Masterpiece Managers collects the artworks at the end of class and turns it into the teacher. The Supply Managers bring the supplies to the table and puts back the supplies at the end of class. The Trash Managers picks up any trash on the tables or floors. I purchased a handheld dust pan and broom at the dollar store so that the students enjoy their job and quickly clean the floors. The Table Washers gets a sponge and cleans the table when doing messy projects like paint and clay. Not all students get to do a job as frequently so I rotate the colors on the board. The circles are laminated and has Velcro so it is easily changed every Monday morning. The manager system gives students responsibility and prevents all the students getting up and moving around, but only a select few students per table.

art classroom managers

The also have different colors at each table and they work as a team. I have included an example of my classroom layout and seating chart. Each table receives checks at the end of class and after 15 checks they get a prize. I handmade Rainbow Crayons as prizes. This also is an incentive to clean up, get quite, and be check ready. During this time I have all the students attention and I review the learning target/goal of the day. Some days I go over how many checks each tables have and they get excited to know how many more they need. I sometimes line the table with the most checks first.

seating color chart

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