Argyle Nail Tutorial

argyle nails

Argyle pattern is popular print in fashion. I especially love wearing my argyle knee socks in this fall weather. The nail polishes I used are Essie Chin Chilly, Butter London Pillar Box Red, and Orly Instant Artist.

argyle nails

This nail tutorial is a tedious but with a steady hand this fun argyle pattern can be created.

1. Tips on using tape, I make sure my base color is completely dry. I add Seche Vite to help the drying process and wait about 5 minutes. I used Essie Chin Chilly for the base color, while waiting for the polish to dry I cut the triangle pieces out of scotch tape. With two pieces of triangle, tape it so the points are in the middle.

2. Paint on top of the tape with the nail polish, I used Butter London Pillar Box Red.

3. Using a nail dotting brush, or toothpick, add dots in the middle of the 4 triangle, or to form a diamond.

4. Connect the left dot to the center and the right dot to the center, creating an X design, I used my Orly Instant Artist polish.

5. Repeat step 4 on the bottom creating an X design. Go over the lines to make it thicker using the Orly Instant Artist nail polish. Let the polish dry for a bit before applying the top coat so that it will not smudge.

diy argyle nails

For the pinky and middle finger this is how I taped the nails:

triangle nail tape

Here is me wearing my awesome argyle socks! Peace!


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