Andy Warhol Pop Art Lesson

warhol pop art lesson

The students learn about famous Pop artist Andy Warhol by watching the Getting to Know the Worlds Greatest Artist series featuring Andy Warhol. I love this series because it is perfectly geared towards elementary students and teaches students about different artists. I also presented this to to other art teachers at Region 10 Fine Arts 2012 and again will present at TAEA San Antonio 2013.

warhol art lessonMaterials needed: Getting to Know the Worlds Greatest Artist Andy Warhol, Campbell’s Can Soup, Mirror, Vis-a-vis marker, Water Spray Bottle, 9X12 White paper, Black crayon, Tempera cakes paint, Paint brush, and Water basin.

In this lesson the students learning objective were: Learning about Pop Art and Andy Warhol, Drawing from perspective, Drawing a still life, Printmaking techniques, and Painting techniques.

The students drew their still life from their perspective on the mirror using a vis-a-vis marker. Then using the spray bottle they applied a mist to dampen the paper. Turned the mirror over and firmly pressed to transfer the image.

andy warhol printmaking

Each time the students want to make a print, they spray and print. When finished the students put their masterpieces in the drying rack. The next art rotation they used a black crayon to go over some of the lines to darken it and create a wax resist. I teach correct paint brush techniques and the students use pop colors to paint their pop paintings.

andy warhol art projectThe results are Andy Warhol inspired Pop Art masterpieces.

warhol pop art lesson

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