3D Heart Acrylic Nail Mold

katy perry nails

Today’s nail art tutorial I experimented using a 3D heart mold and acrylic liquid to create this look. I purchased several molds and tried out different mediums such as glitters and eyeshadow. What worked best was mixing eyeshadow with a clear acrylic powder. After I finished my nails I realized that it looks very Katy Perry California Girl.

katy perry nails

Supplies Needed: Professional Acrylic Kit– Nail Brush, Acrylic Powder, Acrylic Liquid, 3D Acyclic Mold- here or here, Loose Eyeshadow Glitter or Micro glitter, and Eyeshadow.

I first paint my nails in an Ombre Nail Art design. To start the acrylic mold, I dipped my nail brush into the acrylic liquid then into the loose glitter and clear acrylic powder.

diy arcylic liquidOnce I had the acrylic liquid, glitter, acrylic powder on the brush, I put it into the 3D acrylic mold. To get more into the mold I repeated the step. Last to clean up the acrylic and glitter in the mold I used the acrylic liquid and the brush to wipe clean. Make sure to have a paper towel or towel to clean off the brush and any extra glitter.

acrylic glitter 3D nail moldLet it sit for about a minute but not until it has completely harden. Gently bend the mold to loosen. Using tweezers carefully pull out the 3D mold. Immediately bend the heart mold so that it will fit your nail curve before it hardens. The pink glitter did not come out as well so I experimented with other types of glitters (not shown).

3D heart moldI then tried mixing eyeshadow, and I scrapped it into a small cap and added equal parts clear acrylic powder. Finally my heart molds came out nicely. I did the same steps to get the molds out and curved as the glitter step above.

eyeshadow acrylic nailAfter experimenting with different mediums such as glitters, and eyeshadow, I found that eyeshadow worked best!

acrylic 3d heart nails

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