100 Day Lucky Star Origami

100 day star origami

When I first started dating my boyfriend I made him one hundred stars to celebrate our 100 days together. In Korea it is a sweet way to represent the 100 days the couple has spent together. But this can also make a perfect birthday or holiday to give to someone you care about because the stars are lucky.

100 day star origamiAll you need is Lucky Star Origami Paper, if you don’t have this then cut a piece of paper 12″X 0.5″ (twelve by one in a half inches) and either a Heart Glass Jar or a Star Glass Jar like the one I used to store your little lucky stars.

To begin make a knot:  at one of the ends make an X go inside the circle and fold, while holding the fold pull the long strip of paper to tighten and flatten.

diy lucky star origami 2Next tuck the short end inside.

diy lucky star origami 2Begin wrapping the long paper strip around the pentagon shape. When you fold the sides should line up.

diy lucky star origami 3Again tuck the end into the pentagon shape. Now to inflate the star origami! Press in the middle of the side and began pinching inwards with your finger nails.

diy lucky star origami 4Continue pinching inwards to all 5 sides and the star should inflate!

lucky star origami

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